Specialty Rates:

Discounts do apply to the following types of work: Ask if your project applies

Repeat business

Multiple day projects

Non profit work

Any large order work

visions in Color

Hourly Rates :

Hourly rates can be given as well as half day and full day rates. Typical hourly rates are $100-$200 an hour which will include post processing work. As with the pay per image rates, please contact me with the type of work needed and I will provide you with a quote. 

Triscele Photography

Triscele Photography Pricing

                All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Pay per Image :

Most services are pay per image - I use this system because it protects the clients. You only pay for what you want. 

Pay per image prices ranges from $50.00 - $200.00 per image depending on the type of photography needed. Please contact me with specifics and I can provide you with a quote. All pay per image quote will exclude additional expenses if needed e.g extended travel, area rentals or needed equipment rentals, model pay. Additional fees apply if you are asking for the copyright of the image.