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Written by AJ Abrams   
Saturday, 13 March 2010 15:19

My work is now on display at Frame-ables in Concord Massachusetts. This shop has been a staple of the area for 25 years and is the place to go for quality matting and framing. They have a wonderful gallery with fine art prints and high quality paintings on display. If you are in the area, it's worth the stop.  I am also on display in Groton Massachusetts at NOA Fine Art Gallery . NOA is a fine art gallery and art school. It's quaint and worth a stop in just to see the high quality work they have.   I thank everyone that has lent me their support, critical eye, ideology, and time. Hopefully I will continue to grow as an artist and that my work will be embraced by the masses.

Please take a moment and wander through my gallery. If you have questions or comments, I’m always around to answer. If interested in purchasing my work, contact me directly. If local, I work with Frame-ables in Concord for matting and framing, if not local, I can provide matting, framing and shipping.

Due to a flood of spam I am forced to now put my contact information on the front page instead of on a contact me form. 

Phone 978-621-8044

Email - aj at triscele photography dot com 



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Written by AJ Abrams   
Wednesday, 20 August 2008 20:08

My Story

My interest in photography started late. My station through most of my early life never allowed me the opportunity to get into film photography. It was just too cost prohibitive. However, as happens, time and circumstances change.  The digital age allowed me to remember my fondness for photos and rekindled a fire I had long forgotten.

These days I am still searching for my one specialty. Right now I feel that I don’t want to find it. I am enjoying doing all different kinds of shoots and can’t think that I’d ever want to settle for just one type. It seems so limiting and stifling. Maybe one day one certain thing will call to me with such force that I’ll change my mind. Anything is possible.


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